Add easily your previous flight logs with FlyGo Pilot Logbook history function

The pilot’s life is not always about the nice view and the joy of flying, there are responsibilities and the flight administration is one of them. You have to fill your flight data in your logbook continously not just because to see them but because that’s the law according to FAA and EASA. Basicly you […]

Make your smart phone even smarter: 5+1 reasons for using aviation apps

While the first airplanes appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, flight supporting mobile applications became part of our everyday life 100 years later. Even though the number of people using flight-related applications is continuously increasing, some still do not know the advantages of such platforms. How can your phone help you during your […]

Import your flight data from Roster Buster – New function in FlyGo Pilot Logbook

Are you familiar with Roster Buster? Or you already use it? Then we have great news for you! If you also use FlyGo’s Pilot Logbook you can import all flight information from Roster Buster. Sounds great? Then try it and enjoy the benefits of synchronizing your flight logs easily.   Keeping track of flight logs […]

Reduce your administrative burdens? – Try the Auto-fill function in our pilot logbook!

Flying must be one of your passions and you are trying to enjoy every minute of it.  Unfortunately, there are administrative tasks you have to do any time you fly. You don’t like filling in your logbook, right? We don’t either. This is why we’ve had the idea to build an auto-fill function into the […]