Google Maps overlay feature in the Direct-To app

You asked, we listened! After so many messages, comments and reviews from our customers, we have decided to implement Google Maps into the Direct-To application. Let’s see how it works.

From now on, the Google Maps overlay is turned on by default so you will see the updated interface as soon as you choose an airport and switch to Map mode. Both ‘North up’ and ‘Track Up’ mode is supported in this view. This way you will immediately and precisely know where you are while flying.

If you prefer the old blind map you can easily turn the map overlay off in the settings menu.

But Google Maps is an online based service. What happens if you do not have internet access in flight? It’s simple! You can prepare for it before your trip and download offline maps the following way:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your device
  2. Search for the area you will be flying your route in
  3. Tap the More button and choose the Download offline map option
  4. Adjust the coverage of the area depending on your needs and tap Download
  5. When Direct-To is opened it will automatically use the available offline maps when you are not connected to the internet

We hope this function will help you and make your flight the experience better. Please don’t stop contacting us with your ideas and recommendations. We listen and keep track of all the user requested features.

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Fly safe and see you next time!

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