Flygo Air Navigation

Designed to make flights safer and navigation easier.

It provides advanced yet easy-to-use tools for all kind of pilots, such as route planning, customizable maps, weather information, charts, terrain awareness system and much more.

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Why should You choose FlyGo's

Flygo Air Navigation?

Offline use

Download maps, charts and terrain information for any country to get the full functionality of the app even without internet connection.

Route planning

Create and save your routes quickly and efficiently with 50000+ airports, navaids, and waypoints.

Maps and charts

Navigate with continuously updated sectional or high/low altitude en-route charts in the US the EU **
Need more information on the screen? Customize the map to your preferences.
Select airport types, airspaces, navaids, METAR information and others.

Terrain avoidance system

Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid dangerous terrain with a glance***

Organized airport information

Get runway information (direction, length, slope, surface, lighting, etc.), frequencies, nearby navaids, METAR/TAF, NOTAMs using the airport information screen.

Nearby airports

Having unexpected changes in your plan during a flight?

Look at the airports nearby.
You can check the nearest airports’ list and their distance and relative direction any time. Select any of the airports to immediately modify your route.

Other functions

  • Weather
    Plan your flights with the weather in mind.
    Get the latest worldwide METAR and TAF reports anywhere.
  • EHSI / RMI
    Navigate more precisely and fly basic procedures with digital instruments.
  • Real-time flight information
    Heading, track, bearing, distance, desired track, estimated time en-route, estimated time of arrival, waypoints, and speed calculations.
  • iCloud synchronization
    Sync your data between multiple devices.
  • User points
    Customize the app by creating user points.
    Add them by tapping on the map or enter their coordinates.
  • Advanced search
    Search by airport name, city, country, ICAO, IATA.
  • Magnetic and true north navigation modes
    Select your preferred navigation method with the NAV angle switch.
  • Support for imperial (US) and metric units
    Change the default unit settings any time.
  • Flight history
    See your previous routes in the flight history.
  • Free trial
    Try it for free. Download the app to get a 30-day trial. *

* FlyGo Air Navigation has two subscriptions, BASIC, and PRO. Unlimited region downloads, terrain awareness system, charts and the 30-day trial are only available in the PRO version.

** EU sectional charts are available in Belgium, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Malta, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia. Additional charts are available in South Africa and Namibia. These charts are provided by Open Flight Maps.

*** Terrain data is available for land areas from 60 degrees north to 57 degrees south of the equator.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is not a certified flight instrument. Pilots should never fully rely on apps in any circumstances. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for the potential harm or damages caused by using the app.

FlyGo Air Navigation Overview



Unlimited route planning
Worldwide NOTAM
50.000+ airports, navaids worldwide
Worldwide airspaces
Real-time flight information
Magnetic & True NAV modes
Detailed airport information
Unlimited user points
Nearby points
Sectional charts for the US, BE, DE, FI, NL, DK, PL, SE,
Enroute charts for the US and EU
Unlimited offline regions
Worldwide terrain avoidance system
from S57 to N60 latitude
1 month free trial







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