Direct-To July Update

Hello Pilots,

We are glad to announce that our latest Direct-TO update is available in the App Store. In this version, we brought you many new features.

A huge navaid database was added to the app so from now on, you can select navaids or runways as your destination.

However, the biggest change is something much more exciting. We have decided to replace the simple RMI screen with a fully-fledged, GPS based EHSI instrument. This makes the app a much more versatile tool. Of course, if you prefer the old RMI, you can still use it in the new instrument as well.

Let’s see how it looks!

As you can see, the main screen has changed quite a bit. It became more complex but, at the same time, much more useful. With the Horizontal Situation Indicator, you not only get directional information, but you can set a direct flight path to or from your destination on a selected radial line. This way, you can select your desired course and monitor or adjust it in-flight.

In normal mode, every dot on the course deviation scale represents 5 degrees of deviation from the desired course. In length mode, one dot represents 2.5 NM deviation from the selected course.

Do you want to fly directly to your destination? Use the center button to set the radial you are currently flying on automatically. Just adjust your track to match the new HSI course and you are on your way. Alternatively, you can just use the RMI pointer in the same way as you used your RMI before.

If you want to learn how to use the HSI like a pro, then try our IFR Trainer package for free. Practice what you have learned or prepare for your flights in advance with its IFR Simulator module, where you can create and simulate real-life scenarios while using EHSI as your main instrument.