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Give us 5 minutes to tell you: how you can broaden your knowledge in PPL for FREE

Are you interested in flying? If so, you probably know that you have to learn the basics before you can actually touch the sky. You also must know that it means a lot of books and a bag of cash. How about 30 free books about aviation without any timelimits or registrations instead? Do you want to learn about aeronautical decision-making, principles of flight, aircraft perfomance etc., or just know what FAA and EASA means? If you have 5 minutes to spare, you will get the answers and the books. For free. Really.


The books are written according to the FAA and EASA requirements. If you are not familiar with these abreviations, let us introduce them briefly. FAA stands for Federal Aviation Administration of the United States. It is a national authority with the power to regulate all aspects of civil aviation. EASA stands for European Aviation Safety Agency which is an agency of the European Union with the responsibility of civil aviation safety.


So what is the difference? It’s very simple. The FAA gives the relevant regulations in the USA and the EASA is responsible for the civil aviation in different countries around the world, mainly in Europe. Why is it important to know? Because these two organizations expect student pilots a slightly different topics to know about aviation.


FREE PPL Books you should have

Now, let’s talk about the FREE books that we introduced at the beginning of the blogpost. As we promised: no registration and limitless learning. Either to prepare for a flight exam or just for yourself, that is what the PPL Exam & Study means. And what else?

This useful app covers a wide range of topics that you have to learn for your exam. The FREE books cover the following topics within the app:


  • Introduction of Flying: basic knowledge of the student pilot learning to fly as well as pilots seeking advanced pilot certification.
  • Aeronautical Decision-Making: systematic approach to the mental process used by pilots in order to constantly determine the best course of aviaton in response to a given set of circumstances.
  • Aircraft Construction: categories of aircraft for certification of airman including airplane, rotorcraft, glider, powered parachute and weight-shift control aircraft.
  • Principles of Flight: the fundamental laws of physics governing different forces to act on an aircraft during flight and what effects these natural laws and forces have on the performance characteristics of an aircraft.
  • Aerodynamics of Flight: Thrust, drag, lift, and weight are forces that act upon all aircraft during flight.
  • Flight Controls: focuses on the flight control systems that a pilot uses to control the forces of flight as well as the aircraft’s direction and altitude.
  • Aircraft Systems: the primary systems found on most aircrafts. These include the engine, propeller, induction, ignition along with the fuel, lubrication, and environmental control systems.
  • Flight Instruments: including VSI, ASI, EFD, ADC, AHRS, etc.
  • Aircraft Performance: discusses the factors that affect an aircraft’s performance which include the aircraft’s weight, atmospheric conditions, runway environment and the fundamental laws of physics governing different forces to act on aircrafts.
  • Flight Manuals and other documents
  • Weight and Balance
  • Weather Theory
  • Aviation Weather Services
  • Airport operations
  • Airspace
  • Navigation
  • Aeromedical factors
  • EXTRA: Advanced Avionics handbook
  • EXTRA: Instrument Flying handbook
  • EXTRA: Instrument Procedures handbook


As you can see from the list, we take it seriously. As do you. So if you want to try the app and get the 20 books, you should download them for free from Apple AppStore

  1. STEP: Open Apple AppStore on your iOS device
  2. STEP: Type into the search field: PPL Exam & Study
  3. STEP: Download the app for free

Although some features are available only after purchase, we let you open and use these e-books for FREE. Just click on the Library and get the knowledge!


Click here to download PPL Exam & Study and to get the FREE PPL Books.

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