PPL Challenge | Everything starts with a dream… and a private pilot licence

Most people have dreamt about being a pilot, but only a few will become one. Some of them do it as a profession, while for some, flying is their hobby. However, becoming a pilot is not an easy thing, but if you choose this life, you have to know where...
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New feature: Day and night calculation in logbook

Automatic Day/Night flight calculations, when you take off in the afternoon and land at night, you don’t need to calculate anymore. FlyGo does it for you. Some decades ago when smart devices did not exist , pilots were required to be able to calculate...
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Want to save time? – 9 reasons to use the FlyGo’s Logbook

As a pilot, you have to take care of your own flight records. Your logbook contains every flight that you have flown including flight time, number of landings and types of instrument apporaches that you made. We presume it is not your favorite task, which...
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New features in PPL Exam&Study (version 3.5)

PPL Exam & Study is one of the most useful apps for studying for a pilot licence examination. This app is dedicated to prepare students for the exams, whether it is FAA or EASA, both tests are included. What’s new in our app? We’ve summarized...
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Make your smart phone even smarter: 5+1 reasons for using aviation apps

While the first airplanes appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, flight supporting mobile applications became part of our everyday life 100 years later. Even though the number of people using flight-related applications is continuously increasing,...
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New IFR Trainer – All in 1 update is available (former Pilot Trainer – IFR Pack)

As some of you have already realized, we released a new update to Pilot Trainer – IFR Pack. This app is a selection of essential functions designed especially for IFR pilots and students that has been redesigned and new features has been implemented....
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