How to become a pilot?

Being a pilot is considered one of the greatest jobs one could have. It’s a dream for many to earn their salary while flying around the world. But how does one get there? How can you become a pilot? For many, the uncertainties and misinformation regarding...
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Introduction to the PPL theoretical subjects

One of the first milestones to become a private pilot is the theorical exam. The preparation for this exam starts before the student even gets into the cockpit for the first time. It goes in parallel with the practical training and will end with an official...
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Find your flight logs easily with search function in logbook

A pilot have to administrate the flight data in the logbook, all the time if it comes to flying. It’s not a big deal but if you fly a lot it’s more complicated to manage and find the previous flight data. With the FlyGo’s Pilot Logbook we would...
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Do you know our holding secret? Learn it from this short video!

Holding pattern is one of the hardest parts of the instrument flying. When pilots have to make a quick decision about the correct holding entry, they usually get in trouble. Have you ever heard about our holding secrets? Not yet? Then watch our video...
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Start to learn IFR flying: FREE ADF and RMI app for pilots

Are you new a the world of FlyGo? You are not sure if our applications worth the price? No worries, there is a FREE app developed for pilots where you can learn the basics and see how FlyGo can help you in practicing for your IFR rating. What is ADF and...
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Flying in different circumstances – instrumental and visual flying

It’s a hard thing to fly a plane, but even harder when the weather gets tought. When you can see the horizon, you can rely on your eyes and the instruments too. But what if the visibility becomes worse? It’s time to learn the definitons and the difference...
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