Air Navigation Update

Dear Pilots, we happily announce that the latest update of FlyGo Air Navigation app is now available on the App Store. The new version contains the following features:   Quick tap mode Tap on an airport, navaid or any location and receive airspace information, frequencies, SIGMETs, AIRMETs and runway data.   SIGMETs & AIRMETs See …

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IFR Pack

Flying by instrument flight rules (IFR) is not an easy task for student pilots. With FlyGo IFR Trainer students and pilots will develop and improve their instrument understanding and accuracy. This new generation training system brings you all the IFR essentials in one app: HSI, ADF, RMI, VOR-ILS avionics trainer, IFR simulator, holding pattern secrets …

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Instruments of IFR

When the weather doesn’t make it possible or you’re flying at night, it is not safe to fly according to the visual flight rules (VFR). It is the time when you need to follow the instrument flight rules (IFR). It requires you to have a very good understanding of what’s going on in the cockpit …

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