Collaboration with flight schools

Partnership program for flight schools

Flight schools are one of the most important organizations of aviation all around the world where newbies start their first steps... But they also face challenges since the technological advancement has a great impact on aviation...

Join our Partnership program and learn more about how can you reach higher visibility!

How can your Flight School and FlyGo-Aviation collaborate?

Your flight school has to do...

Place FlyGo's logo to your website

Placing our logo to your websites express a commitment to digitalized technology assisted learning that students will recognize

Send us your logo and contact details

If you placed our logo to your website, please send us your logo and contact details to list your Flight School as partner flight schools

We will do for you...

Upload your logo to our website

After receiving your logo and contact details, we will list your flight school among our partners, thus pilot students can reach your website easily.

Send you updates about new learning features

We are continuosly develop our app that can be used in education. These apps does not substitute any study program however can be an useful tool for making learning progress more effective.

What can you benefit from?

More visibility from pilot students

Our website is visited by more than 30.000 users a year

You will get high quality link to your website

Links to your website are very important to improve your search engine optimization (SEO)


It does not cost a penny for you

FlyGo apps are essential for every pilots

Because we're making reliable, pilot-tested and applied aviation applications to aviation schools like yours.

Are you familiar with our trainer apps?

PPL Exam & Study

PPL & LAPL tests comply with EASA and FAA requirements
9 subject based on the PPL Theoretical Exam
Continously growing database
Explanations and illustrations
Practice / Exam / My studies functions
Complete study books
iOS compatible (iPhone and iPad)

IFR Trainer - All in 1

flygo pilot trainer ifr best simulator iphone ipad
Interactive IFR Flight Simulator
Map and Cockpit view
All instruments: ADF - RMI - VOR - ILS - HSI
Holding Trainer
Step by step learning method with explanations
iOS compatible (iPhone and iPad)

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