Wanna be a FlyGo partner?

Collaboration is an essential part of our continuous development. Please take a look at how we can take the next step together.

In the recent decade, FlyGo took part in various collaborations with different organizations. We are proud that there is a wide range of partners from software development to aviation-related organizations that contributed to our success and made flying easier and safer.

We also recognized that there are certain groups of the aviation community who want to know more about our apps. Thus, based on their request, we offer them free access to our apps. However, collaboration opportunities are not limited to them, we are open to any initiatives that are mutually beneficial. Contact us and get to know each other!

For Flight Schools

Continuous learning is an essential part of becoming a pilot. Both theoretical and practical learning materials are necessary, thus FlyGo developed specific apps to enhance the learning progress. If you are an instructor, apply for free access to our apps and see how you can help your students learning progress.

For Content Creators

Do you want to learn more about digital pilot apps? Do you regularly create content? Then request free access to our pilot apps. Enjoy the benefits of our apps and share your experiences with the pilot community.