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User feedback is greatly appreciated to develop more useful apps for pilots. In return, we provide you our application for free to generate more insights.

Join our user group and provide feedbacks regularily in the next year and you will get a free acces to FlyGo Air Navigation app on iOS.

How it works?

Please follow the steps below to get free access to FlyGo Air Navigation on iOS


Request promotional code (only iOS) by filling out the form below.


You will receive promotional code to FlyGo Air Navigation app within 1-2 working days.


Activate your promotional code and use Pro functions for free.


Provide us feedback through surveys within creatain time ranges (2-3 months) that will be described in the notifications. You will receive the notifications through emails.


After each feedback your free access will be extended (maximum 1 year).

IMPORTANT: if you fail to provide us feedback until the deadlines, unfortunately we have to terminate your free access.

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