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Add easily your previous flight logs with FlyGo Pilot Logbook history function

The pilot’s life is not always about the nice view and the joy of flying, there are responsibilities and the flight administration is one of them. You have to fill your flight data in your logbook continously not just because to see them but because...
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Find your flight logs easily with search function in logbook

A pilot have to administrate the flight data in the logbook, all the time if it comes to flying. It’s not a big deal but if you fly a lot it’s more complicated to manage and find the previous flight data. With the FlyGo’s Pilot Logbook we would...
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Introduction to the PPL Exam function

Welcome on board, pilots! Everybody gets a little anxious when it comes to taking exams, especially when it is a flight exam. You haven’t finished exploring the topic yet, but you would like to test your knowledge of the covered chapters? You strive...
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Do you know our holding secret? Learn it from this short video!

Holding pattern is one of the hardest parts of the instrument flying. When pilots have to make a quick decision about the correct holding entry, they usually get in trouble. Have you ever heard about our holding secrets? Not yet? Then watch our video...
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Practice and Study anytime and anywhere in our PPL app

Practice makes perfect, they say. This is even more true in the case of pilots: in a real-life situation there’s no time for skimming through books looking for instructions – you have to have everything at hand. Practice&Study function of...
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Reduce your administrative burdens? – Try the Auto-fill function in our pilot logbook!

Flying must be one of your passions and you are trying to enjoy every minute of it.  Unfortunately, there are administrative tasks you have to do any time you fly. You don’t like filling in your logbook, right? We don’t either. This is why...
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